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What To Do When Your Roof Has Storm Damage

Florida is known for having crazy weather. Sometimes it gets so intense that our roofs get storm damage. Storm damage is nothing to ignore but knowing exactly what to do after a storm is key in making sure your home is okay. In this post we will discuss:

  • Types Of Storm Damage To Your Roof 
  • What Roof Storm Damage Looks Like
  • Roof Storm Damage Checklist
  • Schedule A Roof Inspection 
  • Hire A Trusted Roofing Contractor 

Types Of Storm Damage To Your Roof

Wind Damage

Florida is known for its hurricane season, and we know as Florida residents how damaging they can be. Hurricane winds are so powerful they can remove or tear shingles and even ruin the water-tight seal they create. When wind causes shingles to lift and tear, the water-tight seal is broken and can cause leaks the next time it rains, 

Hail Damage

We know what you’re thinking, yes, Florida can get hail. Hailstones are incredibly damaging to roofs because they can leave dents in shingles and knock the granules loose. Granules are there to protect your roof not only against leaks but also sun damage. With all those dents, your roof loses visual appeal as well. Some hail damage goes undetected which opens your roof to more serious damage down the road. 

Rain Damage

The most common roofing issue would be rain roof damage which is by far the most noticeable. Water is the enemy of your roof, and leaks can cause the internal layers to be exposed to water. This leads to rotting and mold, which causes structural damage. 

What Roof Storm Damage Looks Like

Roof damage is identified by the condition of your roofing which includes water spots, damaged shingles or roof flashing, wet walls, and water issues around the exterior of your home. Flashing should be checked which is along the edges of the roof, chimneys, and vents. Also, make sure to inspect your sealant in those same areas to ensure it is not loose or peeling. When looking at your roof for damage, most don’t typically think to check the attic and ceilings but make sure to inspect for water damage in these areas.

Roof Storm Damage Checklist

  • Roof: Check for visible storm damage based on what was discussed above. Make sure to note down damage and take photos to reference when looking for a roofing contractor. 
  • Gutters, Vents, and Windows: Inspect for dents on your gutters, vents, and windows on your roof. Make sure to check for broken glass, cracks, and loose weather-stripping. Note all this and take photos. 
  • Attic and Ceilings: Check these areas for leaks as well as water spots. Just because your roof looks normal does not mean that there isn’t internal damage. It’s very important especially in Florida to do this so that when the next storm comes, your roof is prepared and undamaged. 

What To Do When Your Roof Has Storm Damage

Now that you have identified that your roof has damage, you will want to get this fixed immediately. Avoiding fixing your roof leads to further damage down the road, so it is advised to fix the problem right away. 


  • Scheduling A Roof Inspection: Once you have made the assessment that your roof is damaged, you will want to let professionals come and do further inspection. Your knowledge and ability are limited and you will not fully understand the extent of the damage to your roof, or the best way to fix it. 
  • Hire A Trusted Roofing Contractor: You want to make sure you know what to ask and look for when you are picking a trustworthy roofing contractor. You should be:
  • Make sure the contractor is licensed, insured, and is reputable in the community. 
  • Ensure the roofing contractor is capable of assessing the damage and giving accurate estimates. 
  • Look at online reviews of the roofing company, checking for positive experiences from their customers. 

At Midwest Roofing, we offer free estimates with no obligation. We come out, assess the situation so you can fully understand the situation, and help you in deciding what to do from there. We take pride in our strong Midwest values which we implement into our company, so homeowners like you can feel safe and secure working with the best roofing contractor in the Melbourne, FL area!


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