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Replacing your roof is a situation where you want to make sure that it is necessary. Sometimes, it will be obvious. For example if you have a tree fall and severely damage your roof, a new one will be needed. But if you have a leak a few missing shingles, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof, just repairs. An older roof may be in need of a replacement. There are so many factors that you will need a professional to determine what the best course of action is. 

How long a new roof will last depends ventilation, materials, and installation. Typically, a roof that has been built well will last on average between 12-15 years. High quality materials and underlayment can possible allow for you roof to last longer.

Because each roof is different, the cost will vary. Skilled roofing contractors will take into consideration the size, style, shape, materials, and many other factors to give you an accurate quote.  Getting an estimate is the best way to find out how much your new roof with cost. 

You should always know what to look for and what to ask when hiring a roofing contractor. You want to make an informed decision before purchasing, especially for roof repair and replacements. This isn’t a small investment, so look at this checklist to guide you:

Questions To Ask For Roofing Contractors

  • Is your company insured?
  • Is your company licensed?
  • Is your roofing company a BBB Accredited Business?
  • Do you have references and reviews? 
  • What does your roofing warranty look like?